Nos tests in vitro en dermatologie


Bioassays and in vitro models for preclinical research: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, wound healing, acne, alopecia, pigmentation, etc.


Are you looking for validated or innovative efficacy assays? Do you wish to characterize your active ingredients or to demonstrate the activity of your dermatological formulations? Or would you like to test the safety of your products at an early stage? Our services will help you meet your preclinical research objectives.

With our strong expertise in in vitro and ex vivo models and in skin physiology, our aim is to assist you with your development projects as well as with the validation of your products and active ingredients:

  • Screening of bioactive compounds
  • Mechanism of action and proof-of-concept
  • in vitro safety assays (non-GLP)
  • Evaluation of biosimilars
  •  Repositioning or benchmarking studies
  •  in vitro or ex vivo evaluation of formulations before clinical trials
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