As a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry or as a physician, you wish to carry out transcriptome analysis as part of your preclinical or clinical studies.
Do you have biological samples (cells, tissues, human or animal biopsies), RNA or cDNA that are ready to be analyzed? Are you looking for a reactive high quality contract research organization that can provide you with expertise and flexibility?

Our laboratory and our special team dedicated to molecular biology methods would like to assist you with your studies.

Routine assays

    Customized services

    • Design and validation of PCR primers and probes
    • Design and preparation of qPCRarrays (384-well format)
    • in situ hybridization
    • Genome editing, construction of modified cell lines
      • Target gene silencing (SiRNA/ShRNA)
      • Target gene overexpression


    years of transcriptome analysis expertise


    validated RT-qPCR primers


    thematic PCRarrays


    million of full genome data


    RNA extraction and quality control

    The good quality of RNA samples relies on the good conditions in which the extraction is performed. This quality will guarantee the later success of your experiments.
    Hybridation in situ

    in situ hybridization of nucleic acids

    in situ hybridization is a technique for visualizing DNA or specific RNA in cells or in a portion of tissue. Its principle is based on the use of specific probes combined with the use of a marker, which may be fluorescent. The probe that is used represents a sequence of nucleic acid specifically bound to the target by complementary base pairing.

    Methods of analysis of miRNA expression

    QIMA Life Sciences offers different solutions for microRNA analysis. The analysis of the whole microRNA expression profile from a DNA/microarray will detect molecular signatures and will identify microRNAs of interest for diagnosis, prognosis or potential targets for therapy.

    Gene expression

    PCR arrays are dedicated to gene expression analysis by quantitative PCR. They are sets of primers selected according to a theme or a given biological process. Gene expression analysis by PCR arrays is considered as the most effective and cost-efficient method for studying a panel of targeted genes.

    Microarrays and transcriptomic analysis

    QIMA Life Sciences, an Affymetrix® service provider, offers full genome analysis by microarrays (GeneAtlas®platform).

    Bioinformatics: basic and functional data processing

    Bioinformatics services dedicated to transcriptomic data analysis and processing: raw data processing, quality control, normalization, statistical analysis, basic and advanced functional analysis (clusterization and pathway).