Newtone EyelashcamEyelashCam®

EyelashCam – A dedicated camera for the eye area

What is EyelashCam?

EyelashCam is an advanced imaging device specially designed to assess the eye area. This innovative multi-angle imaging system is ideal for the in vivo study of the eyes, eyelashes, and eye contour.

EyelashCam enables image acquisition from four different angles:

  • Front angle acquisition (using the upper camera): This mode is specifically designed to evaluate eye opening.
  • Profile angle acquisition, left and right (using the upper camera): This mode enables the assessment of curl effect on eyelashes.
  • Low angle acquisition (using the lower camera): This mode is specifically tailored to evaluate the effects of separation and volumization on eyelashes, among others.

Thanks to these different modes of acquisition, EyelashCam enables a comprehensive and precise evaluation of the effects of treatments and makeup applied in the eye zone.

Download the technical datasheet

Newtone - EyelashCam Technical Sheet

Why you should choose EyelashCam

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  • Fast acquisition: less than 10 seconds
  • Simple acquisition thanks to a pre-configured and guided system
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Precise and easy repositioning with ghost mode and live markers
  • Standardized illumination for reliable images over time
  • Cross-polarized lighting modality
  • High-resolution sensor provides high-quality images


  • Real-time visualization
  • Real-time validation and quality control
  • Cloud-connected for image transfer to Newtone portal
  • Automatic image transfer to Newtone CIPaaS
  • Everyday data backup over the air


  • Targeted or combined image acquisition solutions
  • Numerical assessments for an objective analysis of eye zone parameters
  • Assessment of different ethnic populations (Caucasian, Asian, etc.)
  • Quantification of visible variations on the image, therefore linked to visual perception
  • Quantification of both the properties intrinsic to skin and those perceived by the consumer
  • Innovative illustrations to scientifically illustrate product efficacy
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EyelashCam helps you investigate eye and eyelash parameters & substantiate your claims

Our image analysis team possesses the expertise to extract over 50 parameters, ensuring robust claim substantiation:

  • Eyelash lengthening
  • Eyelash curving
  • Eyelash separating
  • Eyelash spreading
  • Eyelash volumizing
  • Eyelash densifying/multiplying
  • Eye-opening
  • Waterproof
  • Make-up remover efficacy