Cell & tissue engineering is at the core of QIMA Life Sciences’ expertise. Particular attention is given to the quality and control of our biological models by using in-house developed models whenever possible.

This can be achieved because QIMA Life Sciences works, through research programs, with a network of industrial, hospital and veterinary partners to collect, store and prepare human and animal biological samples.

Cell engineering customized services

With 20 years of experience in cell engineering and in the in vitro or ex vivo culture of mammalian cells, our scientific team can assist you with new challenges for the development of complex or innovative models:

  • tissue dissection and microdissection
  • primary cell isolation, amplification and cell reserves
  • isolation and organotypic explant culture
  • construction of genetically modified cells (transient transfection)
  • 3D tissue reconstruction
  • phenotypic and functional characterization of models

QIMA Life Sciences is committed to developing effective alternatives to animal experimentation methods and has a strong expertise in the development of in vitro animal cell and tissue models such as:

  • mouse (transgenic)
  • dog (veterinary application)

      A full range of in vitro and ex vivo models

      A cell bank of more than 20 000 vials!

      Most of our cell models are:

      • in-house developed
      • of human or animal origin (veterinary application)
      • from multiple donors (collection area, age, gender, geography)
      • from healthy or pathological donors (occasional)

      QIMA Life Sciences has a strong expertise in the cell engineering methods required for the culture of:

      • immortalised or transfected cell lines
      • primary and secondary cells
      • progenitor cells
      • co-cultures
      • reconstructed tissues
      • organotypic culture (explants)


      21 years

      of cell culture expertise

      +20 000

      stored vials

      + 200

      different cell models

      Our cell models

      This list is not exhaustive

      QIMA Life Sciences has a cell bank of more than 200 different cell models. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.

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