Multiplex Cytokine Analyses in Ear Canals of Dogs Suggest Involvement of IL-8 Chemokine in Atopic Otitis and Otodectic Mange—Preliminary Results

Atopic dermatitis is a form of allergy of genetic origin accompanied by itching, during which the animal more easily develops allergies to environmental factors, usually pollen and dust mites.

Lymphotonic activity of Ruscus extract, hesperidin methyl chalcone and vitamin C in human lymphatic smooth muscle cells

Besides actions including their venotonic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant effects, venoactive drugs are expected to act on edema via their action on lymphatics.

Survey of cytokines on ocular surfaces of atopic dogs by multiplex analysis using two sampling methods – a pilot Study

Conjunctivitis in atopic dogs has already been described yet is rarely observed, and likely underdiagnosed in practice.

Effects on clinical signs, lipids and hydration factors of combined applications of shampoo and mousse containing Ophytrium and Seboliance in seborrheic dogs

Performance of shampoo and subsequent mousse applications was assessed in seborrheic dogs. Shampoo and leave-on mousse applications resulted in a significant improvement...

Metrology and sensors as dermo-cosmetic technology opportunities for a change of paradigm

According to the International Bureau of Weights and Measurements, metrology, the study of measurement, is becoming an essential aspect of all industries today in creating value.
Evaluation of mean inhibition - canine whole bool model
in vitro canine models

How In Silico Screening Can Guide Product Development in Cosmetics

What's the role of in silico screening in cosmetic product development? Read on to learn more about the benefits of in silico screening and how it works.
BACT-0003_Bacterial growth #1

The Relationship Between Microbiology Testing and the Skin Microbiota

Microbiology testing is essential for substantiating microbiome-friendly and anti-microbial claims. Read on to find out how cosmetic microbiology testing is connected to the skin microbiome.
BACT-0003_Bacterial growth #1

Microbiota vs. Microbiome: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between microbiota vs. microbiome? Why are they important to human skin? What is the Skin Microbiota test? Learn more here.
Labeling of normal human dermal fibroblasts (Myosin in green, actin in blue, nuclei in red)

Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts (NHDF) in In Vitro Research

What are the applications of Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts and how are they used in various studies? Learn about NHDF and its applications in this overview.


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