Bioassays for pharmaceutical preclinical research: neurobiology, immuno-inflammation, veterinary medicine.


QIMA Life Sciences provides services to support your research needs in biology and in in vitro pharmacology. For more than 20 years, we have been assisting scientists from the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry on preclinical issues (exploratory research, in vitro modelling, discovery of therapeutic molecules).

Because each of our clients is unique and each study is based on different prerequisites and objectives, we focus on the customized technical solution that can best meet your requirements. We pay particular attention to the feasibility study and to the personalized management of your project, especially through regular and open communication between your study manager and our specialists.

in vitro pharmacological studies are our core business: by managing a plurality of projects, our scientists have acquired an expertise and know-how which can be applied to a wide range of products.

    Pharmaceutical products and active ingredients

    • Natural extracts (plant, marine, bacterial)
    • Synthetic molecules, peptides, proteins, glycoproteins, lipids
    • Biotherapies and biosimilars (antibodies, growth factors)
    • Formulations (creams, gels, lotions)
    • Medical devices

    in vitro pharmacological studies

    • 2nd or 3rd intention screening
    • Activity profiling
    • Proof-of-concept, study of mechanism of action
    • Confirmatory assay
    • Biosimilarity

    products or API’s tested per year


    validated cell assays


    study projects per year

    Evaluation of mean inhibition - canine whole bool model