Skin-Biosense, measure antioxidant properties of your productsSKIN-BIOSENSE®

SKIN-BIOSENSE® – Evaluate the antioxidant potential of your products!


SKIN-BIOSENSE® is a brand-new electrochemical sensor, which can measure, in a few minutes only, the antioxidant and chelating potential of cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.
SKIN-BIOSENSE® is the result of 5 years of analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and algorithmics R&D in our French laboratory. QIMA Life Sciences is proud to provide the health and beauty industries with such an innovative French-made device.

How does it measure antioxidant properties?

SKIN-BIOSENSE® technology is based on electrochemistry (i.e., the science of electron transfer) which makes it the ideal science for the assessment of oxidative stress. Electrochemistry allows the evaluation of the balance between antioxidative and oxidative compounds.
The product to be studied is deposited between the sensor and the analyzer. An electrical potential is applied and is converted into an electrical current. This electrical signal is then analyzed by using our algorithm and transcribed into a visual plot on our digital application.
SKIN-BIOSENSE® offers real-time measurement. The antioxidative profile of your product is obtained in only 20 seconds and is expressed as a SKIN-BIOSENSE® score.

What are the applications?

SKIN-BIOSENSE® applications are numerous and can range from in tubo to in situ and can also be used in in vitro and ex vivo assays.

SKIN-BIOSENSE® technology makes it possible to evaluate:

  • The global antioxidant index of a product or a formula (cosmetics, nutraceutics, pharmaceutics) compared (or not) to a reference.

  • The detoxification or chelation power of a product or a formula against a specific target compared to a negative control or a reference.

SKIN-BIOSENSE® can also be used as a formulation aid on oxidative stress issues, to compare formulation or to perform benchmarks. Real-time measurement makes it the perfect device for the rapid screening of large amounts of active ingredients or antioxidant compounds from databases.

Skin-Biosense, measure antioxidant properties of your products
Skin-Biosense, measure antioxidant properties of your products

What are the benefits?

SKIN-BIOSENSE® is a complementary or alternative technology to standard oxidative stress evaluation methods.

SKIN-BIOSENSE® offers numerous advantages to make the life of your laboratory staff easier and to save time:

  • Fast & Reliable: real-time measurement.

  • Hydrohilic & lipophilic media: A simple change of the electrolyte solution – No time wasted on sample preparation.

  • Raw materials & Finished products: Monitoring of the antioxidant power throughout the development process and evaluation of the impact of the formula’s galenic form.

  • Nomad & Easy to use: Cell phone-size, and so easy to carry between different laboratories.