Reference Title EndPoint Method
Reference Title EndPoint Method
SPL_Lb-0015Biological sample analysis - Analysis of phospholipids*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
SPL_Lb-0001Biological sample analysis - Analysis of polar lipids*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
SPL_Lb-0017Biological sample analysis - Analysis of sebum composition (neutral lipids)*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
SPL_Lb-0006Biological sample analysis - Analysis of urea and lactate (NMF)*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
SPL_Lb-0012Biological sample analysis - Analysis of vitamin C*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
SPL_Lb-0027Biological sample analysis - Analysis of vitamin D*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
SPL_Lb-0013Biological sample analysis - Analysis of vitamin E*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
SPL_Lb-0011Biological sample analysis - Enzyme activity (Catalase, SOD, GPx,…)*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
BLOO-0001Blood, CD11b/CD62L expression (TNF- alpha stimulation)CD11b (increase) / CD62L (decrease) expressionFlow cytometry
BLOO-0011Blood, H2O2 content (PMA stimulation)H2O2, DHR probe (non-adherent cells)Flow cytometry
BLOO-0013Blood, human basophil activation assay (BAT, anti-IgE stimulation)*** (must be login)*** (must be login)
BLOO-0008Blood, human basophil activation assay (BAT, basal)CD63 expression in CCR3+ basophilsFlow cytometry
BLOO-0012Blood, human basophil activation assay (BAT, fMLP stimulation)CD63 expression in CCR3+ basophilsFlow cytometry
BLOO-0002Blood, particle phagocytosisParticle phagocytosisFlow cytometry
MONO-0009CD14+ monocytes, Cytokine release (basal)IL-1 beta, IL-6, IL-8, TNF- alpha releaseFlow cytometry (multiplex)