Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry and exploratory studies


Ingénierie cellulaire et tissulaire

We carry out exploratory studies to help with the decision-making for the development of drug candidates. We analyze biomarkers of interest in non-invasive clinical samples, in order to assist you with pharmacodynamic (PD) studies and we characterize the presence of active ingredients or metabolites in biological matrices for early pharmacokinetic (PK) studies. Contact our experts or find out more


Chimie analytique et caractérisation de composés

Due to its expertise in analytical chemistry and bioanalysis, QIMA Life Sciences can assist you with the biochemical characterization of your compounds, the setting up of routine analyses and the development of new robust analytical methods. This biochemical characterization is performed in various matrices (active ingredients, excipients, plant extracts, dosage forms). The technologies of interest are mostly chromatographic methods. Find out more