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in vitro & ex vivo analysis

Analytical Chemistry

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Chemoinformatics and Bioprediction

Our services and our tools for characterization and bioprediction allow us to obtain predictive information on the biological activity of your candidate molecules as well as information on their biochemical properties at very early stages of development.

Due to this predictive research approach, molecules of study can be selected and future in vitro and ex vivo analysis can be rationalized.

We are supported by robust chemoinformatics and bioanalysis tools, such as SELNERCY, GAINS, and our analytical chemistry platform. Find out more

in vitro and ex vivo analysis

According to your requirements, properties and applications found during the in silico screening step can be confirmed by in vitro and ex vivo analysis. We also perform assays without prior in silico screening. In doing so, we are supported by our extensive expertise in cell and tissue engineering and our internal technological platform, as well as by our external partners.

For over 25 years, we have constituted one of the largest cell banks in the field of epidermis. Thanks to this cell bank, we can propose 2D and 3D customized study models, according to our customer requirements.

Our technical expertise is continuously upgraded by the acquisition of new equipment and by the integration of new services into our laboratories. Our teams of experts in cell and molecular biology, histology, immunoassays, microbiology, functional analysis, and fresh blood analysis can assist you with your study projects. Find out more

Analytical chemistry

Thanks to its expertise in analytical chemistry and bioanalysis, QIMA Life Sciences can assist you with the biochemical characterization of your compounds, the setting up of routine analyses and the development of new robust analytical methods.

This biochemical characterization is performed in various matrices (ingredients, plant extracts, dosage forms). Our cutting-edge technologies are mostly chromatographic methods to detect specific markers.

Our experts in analytical chemistry can assist you with your early pharmacodynamic (PD) and pharmacokinetic (PK) studies as well as for the evaluation of PK/PD links. Find out more

Clinical bioanalysis

We can also offer you a bioanalysis service of non-invasive samples from different parts of the body (face, scalp, arms etc.). These evaluation methods provide you with objective clinical results, which are not dependent on a team of voluntary subjects. This method makes it possible to correlate the data that was obtained in vitro and to guide your choice for future clinical studies. Find out more